Sell event tickets online, in person and over the phone

Manage events, orders and customers from your computer. Get set up for free in a few minutes. Ticket sales money go directly to your paypal account!

Sell More Tickets

Sell tickets online, over the phone and/or in person via our easy-to-use and professionally designed interface. It only takes a couple of steps for users to purchase their chosen type of tickets.

Save Time

You design and set up your entire box office according to your needs in a matter of minutes. Our platform will allow you to create your next event and create the types of tickets for the specific event. Choose the ticket template that suits your needs and start selling tickets!

Save Money

Selling tickets through Festapa is cheaper than you think. Click on Pricing to learn more on how to save money by using our service.


Download our easy to use app on your smart phone or tablet. Fescanner will allow you to easy scan tickets during your event and keep data of all tickets scanned.


Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to keep track of all possible data reagarding tickets during an event? During and after your event Festapa will unlock data possibilities you have never imagined before.

Over 20+ features


  • Get a bespoke box office to match your website design and layout
  • Customise text and interface to personalise your booking pages
  • Hide/show sections to make the booking pages more relevant
  • Set the interface language to the one your customers understand best
  • Get your unique Iframe quote for each event and implement it on your own website!

Payment processing

  • Tickets sales money goes directly from customers to you
  • Accept any debit or credit card as well as Paypal payments


Tickets availability

  • Tickets can be limited in number per order
  • Tickets can be set to start only after a certain date
  • Tickets can be set to stop on a certain date
  • Tickets can be set to be only available for sales in person and over the phone
  • Tickets can be set to be only available for online sales


  • Offer reserved seating/location (sitting plan, table plan, bus seating, tent pitches, etc.)
  • Unreserved seating with single or multiple areas (front, back, riverside, etc)
  • Custom seat/location numbering
  • Multiple plans can be used for different events at the same time

Discover Fescanner


  • Scan tickets very quickly (a ticket every 2 seconds)

Internet Connection

  • Scan tickets without internet connection



  • Export scanning records in .csv (spreadsheet compatible format)

Multible Devices

  • Network multiple devices over wifi to scan tickets simultaneously

What our partners say

"Festapa is probably the best ticketing system found in the market. Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to explain to our festival staff, and most importantly easy for our clients to buy tickets. Highly recommended"
Andreas Trachonitis
Production Manager Fengaros Festival, Cyprus

More extra great features

Tickets Design and Printing

  • Tickets are designed to meet your specific requirements
  • E-tickets (print-at-home) are sent by email
  • Tickets can be printed on inkjet, laser or thermal printers. Can be also scanned from smartphones, tablets etc.
  • Layout, size, contents and design are entirely customisable


  • Create events summary and details pages with the content you choose
  • Manage multiple venues
  • Show venue location on google map
  • Assign and sort events with categories
  • View listings by events or in calendar view

Ticket Prices and discounts

  • Prices can vary based on type of audience (adults, children, concessions, members, etc)
  • Prices can vary based on location of the seats on a sitting plan (stalls, circle, balcony, etc)
  • Prices can vary based on who is placing the order (administrator or online customer)
  • Discounts can be based on date of purchase (early bird tickets, priority booking period, etc)
  • Discounts can be based on voucher code used (promotion, competition, members, etc)


  • Manage orders (edit, create, cancel, print, resend, add notes)
  • Manage events (edit, create, publish, unpublish, restrict customer access)
  • Manage customers and users (edit, create, sort, find, export)
  • Manage reports (run, configure, export)


  • Access real time data 24/7
  • Export data in .csv (spreadsheet compatible format)
  • Analyse sales, orders, customers and events
  • Drill down information by date, event, performance, payment type, ticket type and user


  • Ticket sales money goes directly from customers to you
  • Data is continuously backed up
  • QR codes and customer information can be displayed on each ticket
  • Tickets can be scanned via the Fescanner App.
  • All connections are encrypted

Festapa Pricing

Festapa charges you according to the tickets generated by the system, i.e. the tickets sold!

  • Small
  • Up to 1000 tickets sold.
  • 2% / ticket price + €0.20 / ticket
  • 10% free Invitations of total ticket sold
  • Signup
  • Medium
  • Starting from 1000 up to 10000 tickets sold
  • 1.5% / ticket price + €0.20 / ticket
  • 10% free Invitations of total ticket sold
  • Signup

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